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Hentai, or "hentai" is a Japanese term that is used loosely to describe sexual intercourse between opposite sexes. Hentai often has strong negative overtones to it, which can be seen in its usage. Simply put, hentai often translates to perverted. It almost always has an extremely negative stigma attached to it and is often used as a highly derogatory word. But hentai is actually short for Hentai Seiyoku, which means abnormally sexual desire. In Japan, hentai has almost become a staple of the Japanese pornography industry. In recent years, hentai has even made its way over to the West, where it has been widely embraced by many individuals and companies. Mainly, hentai fans are drawn to the comical art style that hentai presents, such as breasts bouncing, panties popping, and blood spewing. Due to the exaggerated nature of hentai artwork, some fans have begun creating their own version of hentai that they can enjoy. These "hentai manga" are often called "hentai doujins," which can loosely translate to "comedic anime pictures." To date, hentai has grown from being merely a Japan-only fete to being a worldwide phenomena. "hentai manga" have even made their way into the world of pop culture. Many of today's most popular celebrities are said to be anime fanatics, and many western anime fans can be seen browsing various hentai manga at any given time. Today, antoine rizal, the popular Japanese rock band, is known for their "hentai" tattoo image on the back of their guitars. Anime and hentai are only going to continue to grow in popularity for years to come.